How you can know your hair kind and look after it? – The Pure Wash

It’s important to know your hair kind to offer them with the right nourishment; certainly, it is similar to our pores and skin kind. 

Varied components will make it easier to decide your hair kind. They’re: 

  • hair construction 
  • hair texture
  • hair porosity,
  • scalp moisture

Generally we appear to have a mix of hair sorts. Right here, when TNW- The Pure Wash comes into play! Our vary of shampoos helps ease your hair issues with each wash. All shampoos are jam-packed with potent components that assist to nourish, situation them whereas defending them from additional harm. 

Varieties of hair:

Every particular person has this particular hair texture. Nevertheless, there are 4 totally different hair sorts. It describes the sample of the strengths and construction of hair follicles. There are a number of causes the hair kind relies upon, genetics being one of many wanted lead components.

Straight hair

The sort of hair doesn’t get curly. They’re the commonest kind and are straightforward to deal with. It produces pure oil, making the scalp extra oily than different hair sorts. Resulting from this cause, they look like much less voluminous. They’re additionally much less prone to get broken.

For greasy scalp, TNW Tea- Tree Shampoo is an enormous assist. It is clarifying, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties battle an infection and management oil manufacturing. Its distinctive components is light, helps hold the scalp cool, and soothes varied scalp issues like irritation and irritation. 



Wavy kind

It’s between the straight and the curly and produces much less oil within the scalp. They take the form of an ‘S’. The hair strands are typically thicker and are of various sorts. Some get frizzy in a short time, whereas others are inclined to get dry and broken.

Wavy ladies, it’s a shout-out for you! TNW Banana Shampoo & Conditioner is a perfect combo. Enriched with nourishing and pure components, this combo is ideal to seal moisture in hair strands and make them frizz-free, split-end free, mushy, and manageable. 


                                        Banana ShampooBanana Hair Conditioner

Curly hair kind

They arrive with spiral, pure curls. They’re typically voluminous and get dry and frizzy, that means susceptible to wreck. They’ve a really thick construction and are usually not flat over the scalp. They don’t produce a variety of pure oil however are liable to frequent cut up ends and wish common care.

For this hair kind! TNW Banana Combo is on the rescue as a result of it gives all of the care and nourishment that helps to tame frizziness, split- ends, and add shine to voluminous locks.

Coiled hair

They’re probably the most fragile hair kind. They want steady care, together with moisturization in addition to conditioning. Its texture is delicate and coarse. The curls are very tight however not well-defined. Additionally, this hair kind will get simply broken by hair styling. 

For its care, it’s mandatory to decide on the TNW Amla shampoo infused with herbs, plant extracts that present mandatory antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and micro-nutrients to scale back hair fall, hair thinning, and breakage. It is a sulphate and paraben-free components that deeply nourishes the hair whereas selling hair development and quantity.

Publish-shower important, TNW Black Seed Hair Serum helps to lock in moisture and provides curly hair that additional enhance of nourishment.

                                        Amla ShampooBlack Seed Hair Serum


Haircare junkies look no extra! Now we have unmasked the key of selecting the perfect hair care merchandise; in any case, healthy-looking hair begins with the very first thing you placed on it. 

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