Feeding your pores and skin with naturally nourishing components helps to maintain it at its wholesome finest. However in case you’re making an attempt to work out the distinction between pure and nature-identical components, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we’re right here to clear issues up.  

Over latest years, the demand for pure skincare merchandise has skyrocketed. As shoppers, we’re spending extra time than ever wanting on the components included in our each day necessities – and rightly so! 

However the quest to know the elements of our favorite formulations can typically finish in confusion. Take ‘pure’ and ‘nature-identical’ components, as an illustration. What’s the distinction? Is one higher than the opposite? Properly, let’s discover out.  

What are pure components?  

Pure components are these which can be harnessed instantly from Mom Nature. They’re derived from particular plant components, together with the leaves, stem, fruit and seed utilizing minimal processing.   

For instance, plant oils are usually pure components. They’re abundantly obtainable within the pure world, simply extractable, and haven’t been chemically modified in any manner.  

As Kavitha Murugesan – Head of R&D and Compliance at Tropic – explains, “pure components also can originate from animal sources too, however as a cruelty-free and vegan licensed model, we don’t use any of those components in our merchandise”.  

What are nature-identical components?  

Nature similar components are chemically similar to pure components, however they’re synthetically created. Put merely, they’re made in a lab.  

However this doesn’t imply that nature-identical components are inferior. As Kavitha explains, “their molecular construction, bodily and chemical properties, as properly their advantages, are similar to that of the pure ingredient.”

What are the advantages of nature-identical components?  

You could be pondering ‘why would you utilize nature-identical components when you may get them contemporary from the pure world?’ Properly, though nature is breathtakingly good, demand typically outstrips provide. 

These skin-loving components are sometimes solely obtainable naturally in minuscule quantities, so extracting them for skincare merchandise can be costly, unsustainable and admittedly irresponsible. Nevertheless, “utilizing nature-identical components helps to maintain our operations as sustainable and eco-conscious as potential,” says Kavitha. “The character-identical ingredient will nonetheless mimic the advantages of the pure ingredient however with out the environmental penalties.”

So there you may have it, the distinction between pure and nature-identical components. To study extra about our naturally nourishing, sustainably sourced components, head over to our Ingredient Glossary. We additionally embody all of our ingredient data on our packaging and web site, so that you’re all the time within the know.  

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