Queen Elizabeth II & Lilibet Astrology: A Karmic Royal Connection

There’s are sturdy non secular ties between the Queen of England and her darling great-granddaughter, Lilibet. In case you haven’t heard, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry truly named her Lilibet after the Queen herself, as Lilibet was her childhood nickname. Nonetheless, the reality of Queen Elizabeth II & Lilibet’s astrology and cosmic compatibility proves their connection is *so* a lot deeper than the passing-down of a reputation!

The Queen *lastly* acquired to fulfill her great-granddaughter on the Queen’s Jubilee on June 2, which implies their relationship has formally been set in movement. The Queen occurs to be a affected person and pragmatic a Taurus whereas Lilibet is a intelligent and fast-paced Gemini, making them an much more unlikely pair. And should you had been questioning how Her Royal Highness obtained Lilibet, you don’t want a direct reply, as a result of you need to use astrology to search out out. Fortunately, if the celebs have something to say about it, they acquired on terribly nicely!

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926, at 2:40 a.m. in Mayfair, London (United Kingdom). Her great-granddaughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, was born on June 4, 2021 at 11:40 a.m. ET in Santa Barbara, California. With a Gemini solar, Aries moon and a Leo ascendant, Lilibet is probably going a spunky inheritor to the throne; a baby with excessive vitality and a pointy wit. However, Queen Elizabeth II has a Taurus solar, Leo moon and Capricorn ascendent, which implies Lilibet in all probability has a a lot feistier character than her secure and earthy great-grandmother. Lilibet will possible take numerous motion all through her life, using her glowing demeanor and revolutionizing the monarchy as she will get older. Though the Queen tends to love favor custom—in spite of everything, she does have a Capricorn rising—she does perceive the necessity for change attributable to her Leo moon that yearns to shake issues up. 

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Apparently, the Queen is *far* extra linked to child Lilibet than the world realizes. The Leo ascendent in Lilibet’s beginning chart aligns with Queen Elizabeth’s Leo moon, which implies they’ve a virtually magnetic pull in the direction of one another. What the Queen feels internally, her great-granddaughter will be capable of specific on her behalf. The feelings the Queen might maintain bottled up are expressed via Lilibet’s existence. Nonetheless, each of their beginning charts reveal a deep understanding of the regal demeanor that a lot uphold of their life. They perceive the necessity for the monarchy and can share a deep respect and pleasure for his or her heritage. Collectively, they could even discover a solution to make it stronger!

Lilibet is the novel inheritor to the throne that can assist the household remodel the monarchy and produce it into the long run.

Lilibet’s Venus—planet of magnificence and social graces—in addition to her Mars—planet of braveness and motion— aligns with the Queen’s North Node of Future. This can be a main signifier of their ancestral alliance to one another. Make no mistake—the Queen of England is karmically linked to her great-granddaughter and so they had been undoubtedly meant to fulfill on this lifetime. There isn’t a doubt that Lilibet will research her great-grandmother sooner or later and marvel in any respect that she has completed all through her unimaginable life. With Venus and Mars conjunct each other’s North Node of Future of their synastry chart, they’re drawn towards one another and their lives will maintain a deep affect over one another’s. There’s a sense of unconditional love the 2 will share, even when they don’t get to spend so much of time collectively in particular person. Whilst a child, Queen Elizabeth will reward Lilibet’s magnificence and power; she might even really feel as if these are attributes handed on to Lilibet by her.

queen elizabeth meghan markle prince harry Queen Elizabeth II & Lilibet Astrology: Why Their Birth Charts Reveal A Karmic Royal Connection

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To make issues extra intense, they each share a Saturnian facet that can all the time bind them collectively. In astrology, Saturn is the planet of karma and longevity. Whereas the Queen has Saturn in Scorpio, Lilibet has Saturn in Aquarius, which kind a difficult, but motivating sq. to at least one one other. There’s little doubt they’ll study from one another and goal to grasp the motives of their actions. That is one other karmic astrological facet that can cement their relationship and presumably make Lilibet the favored great-grandchild (take that, Meghan Markle haters!).

Though their personalities might conflict at occasions—therefore the continuing feud between Lilibet’s mother and father and her aunt and uncle, Prince William and Kate Middleton—it’s crucial for that everybody discusses the scenario and talks in regards to the elephant within the room, as it is going to result in a lot progress. In the event that they’re prepared to put aside their pleasure, they will get a deeper understanding of the place the opposite is coming from. It will strengthen their bond all through the years, and to be fairly frank, Lilibet stands out as the one who lastly solves this household disaster as soon as and for all.

Past that, the Queen’s Venus and Uranus in Pisces hyperlinks up with Lilibet’s Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Lilibet’s Uranus additionally connects with the Queen’s solar in Taurus. Lastly, Lilibet’s Saturn is in Aquarius, which is similar zodiac signal because the Queen’s Mars and Jupiter. I do know that in all probability appears like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, however it’s truly fairly important! In spite of everything, this implies Lilibet is the novel inheritor to the throne that can assist the household remodel the monarchy and produce it into the long run.

The Queen and her great-grandchild can have an intensely tender relationship. Nonetheless, their astrological synastry additionally reveals their bond will likely be difficult and metamorphic. Lilibet Is the visionary the monarchy, notably Queen Elizabeth, has been ready for. Additionally, Lilibet’s Aries moon connects with Queen Elizabeth’s Mercury in Aries, which implies they’ll all the time have extremely loving and validating conversations collectively. I guess we all know who the favourite nice grandchild will likely be!

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