Remedy for Crepey Pores and skin on Legs, Arms and Physique

Remedy for crepey pores and skin in your legs, arms and physique turns into urgently vital the second you see ‘the crepe’ by yourself pores and skin! The excellent news is that utilizing one of the best physique lotion and routine to reverse crepey pores and skin can actually work wonders. 

Dermatologist’s suggestions for crepey pores and skin on the arms, legs, fingers and chest.

Why do you get crepey pores and skin on the physique?

The 2 principal causes of crepey pores and skin are,

  1. extreme pores and skin dryness,
  2. thinning of the pores and skin’s two dwelling layers attributable to solar harm and age.

Crepey pores and skin occurs to each women and men however is extra frequent in ladies. Girls usually begin to see crepey pores and skin on their legs and arms of their 30s and it worsens as they strategy perimenopause and menopause. With age, your pores and skin turns into extra in danger for thinning, dryness and crepey pores and skin texture that exhibits simply by gravitational wrinkling.

I repair crepey pores and skin on the physique with my Extremely-Quick Triple Motion Physique Smoothing Equipment. I’ve folks use it at the least twice every week alternating with one other wealthy moisturizer (resembling my Pure Physique Lotion) utilized after the entire different occasions that they take a shower or bathe. 

Crepey pores and skin – be gone! It WORKS! As I rounded into my late 30’s I observed that my physique pores and skin was out of the blue getting crepey. Elements of my physique pores and skin have been getting drier and drier, and sooner or later, beneath my arms, there was out of the blue a saggy accumulation of pores and skin. The crepe. No bueno.

(I began utilizing Dr. Bailey’s Equipment) and the crepe was gone! Glycolic Acid 15% physique lotion applies PERFECTLY! The Triple motion exfoliating cleanser doubles as my facial cleaner of selection. I heartily suggest this product for anybody over the age of 35. Shoot, I want I had identified about this in my early 30’s as a result of I might have the pores and skin of a babe if I had been utilizing it preventatively. However as it’s, I will rely my blessing and preserve utilizing this product religiously, as a result of IT WORKS! – Lori

What does crepey pores and skin imply?

what is crepey skin

The time period ‘crepey pores and skin’ refers to pores and skin texture that’s skinny, wrinkled, crinkled, boring and even flakey. Sufferers usually display their crepey pores and skin to me by squeezing the pores and skin to boost the wrinkling and crinkling of their pores and skin texture. 

What’s the finest therapy for crepey pores and skin on the arms, fingers, legs and chest?

There’s a quick repair and an extended extra sustained repair for crepey pores and skin and I like to recommend each for finest outcomes:

  1. Use merchandise that assist to construct and renew pores and skin collagen manufacturing to enhance pores and skin thickness.
  2. Mix these with elements for pores and skin hydration and stimulation of deeper pores and skin hydration by inducing pores and skin hyaluronic acid manufacturing to actually plump up pores and skin.

For non-facial pores and skin, glycolic acid is one of the best skincare ingredient to battle crepey pores and skin. That is as a result of, thick physique pores and skin doesn’t take in elements resembling retinoids and antioxidants in addition to thinner facial pores and skin does. Glycolic acid, nonetheless, is effectively confirmed to enhance physique pores and skin texture.

In my dermatology follow, I mix glycolic acid with bodily exfoliation and deeply hydrating moisturizers to battle crepey pores and skin on the arms, legs and physique.

Why is glycolic acid one of the best ingredient to battle crepey arm, leg and physique pores and skin?

  • Glycolic acid helps to stimulate pores and skin collagen renewal.
  • Glycolic acid additionally stimulates the pores and skin’s manufacturing of hyaluronic acid throughout the deeper layers to plump crepey pores and skin from the within out.
  • Glycolic acid additionally brightens and polishes pores and skin texture to create a youthful and dewy luster to reverse a boring and crinkled pores and skin look.

how to fix crepey skin

Know that you simply want a robust skilled glycolic acid product formulated to an acid pH – like mine is!

I’ve used glycolic acid lotions in my follow since they first turned obtainable within the mid-Nineties. I’ve additionally used them by myself pores and skin since that point and nothing else compares. – Dr. Bailey

I am a testomony to the effectiveness of glycolic acid for physique skincare. At 63, my honest and genetically skinny pores and skin desires to be crepey and I am not having it! Nope, I rely on glycolic acid to fend off ‘the crepe’.

Sure, that is my pores and skin at 63 and I work arduous to maintain the crepe from creeping over my chest, legs and arms. Nope, simply not having it!! 

Extra tricks to battle crepey pores and skin from a professional:

  1. Moisturize your pores and skin after each time you bathe to assist lock in pores and skin moisture to plump crepey pores and skin.
  2. Remember that you need to use good solar safety for crepey pores and skin since UV rays trigger most of the structural pores and skin adjustments that result in crepey pores and skin resembling pores and skin thinning.
  3. In your chest and fingers, the pores and skin is skinny sufficient to soak up extra elements resembling Retinol, antioxidants and topical hyaluronic acid.  I apply these merchandise to my chest and fingers once I apply them to my face. 

Finest merchandise for crepey pores and skin

crepey skin on legs treatment

Bear in mind, you all the time get one of the best outcomes to deal with crepey pores and skin with Full Pores and skin Care to create a routine that works synergistically. Dr. Bailey’s Full Pores and skin Care contains the 4 important skincare steps of,

  1. Cleanse
  2. Right
  3. Hydrate
  4. Shield.

Construct your full skincare routine to focus on creping anyplace in your arms, legs, fingers, neck and trunk utilizing this 4-step course of.

Dermatologist’s 4 Step Remedy for Crepey Pores and skin

best product for crepey skin
how to get rid of crepey skin

CLEANSE utilizing solely non-drying soaps and pores and skin cleansers. Exfoliate if you cleanse to start the CORRECT step. Use an exfoliating bathe fabric such because the Salux Material, or a bathe mitt or sponge and an exfoliating cleanser resembling my Triple Motion Exfoliating Cleanser within the Equipment. The Triple Motion Cleanser begins the correcting course of for crepey pores and skin by brightening and exfoliating.

how to get rid of crepey skin naturally

CORRECT the looks of crepey pores and skin utilizing glycolic acid, which is able to restructure the outer lifeless pores and skin to offer it extra luster. Robust glycolic acid additionally will assist to advertise extra pure pores and skin manufacturing of hyaluronic acid within the dermis (the second dwelling layer of your pores and skin) to plump crepey pores and skin.

Professional-tips to deal with crepey arm, leg and physique pores and skin:

  • Use my Glycolic Acid Physique Lotion at the least twice every week.
  • Apply it throughout the magic 3 minutes after toweling pores and skin dry following your bathtub or bathe.
  • Including the bodily exfoliation within the bathe with the Salux Material makes the Glycolic Acid Lotion work sooner by immediately eradicating dry scale that makes crepey pores and skin look worse.

best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs with this

Get every thing you want in my Extremely-Quick Physique Smoothing Triple Motion Equipment. I made this equipment to take the guesswork out of fixing physique pores and skin issues like crepey pores and skin.  

Professional-tip for crepey neck, chest and hand pores and skin:

On these areas, you may add your face care merchandise as a result of the pores and skin right here is skinny sufficient to acquire some profit. I mentioned this in my article on Crepey Pores and skin of the Face. The Immediately Luminous Multi-Motion Serum and Inexperienced Tea Antioxidant Pores and skin Remedy include glycerin, hyaluronic acid and the Luminous Serum incorporates sodium PCA to deeply hydrate and plump crepey pores and skin. I exploit these merchandise by myself neck and chest. I additionally use a retinoid product like my Retinol Evening Cream  at night time once I apply it to my face. You possibly can prime Retinol with my Glycolic Acid Lotion. 

best body lotion for crepey skin
best body lotion for crepey skin

HYDRATE with the Glycolic Acid Physique Lotion at the least twice every week. All different days that you simply bathe or bathe, apply a deeply hydrating moisturizer that does NOT include water as a primary ingredient! I like to recommend my hypoallergenic Pure Lotion made with natural botanical oils wealthy in nutritional vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating pure elements. Alternate these with the Glycolic Acid Physique Lotion. 

how to fix crepey skin on arms and legs

PROTECT creping pores and skin from the solar to forestall additional pores and skin thinning, and to assist your pores and skin reverse what has occurred. Don’t underestimate the significance of solar safety as a explanation for your pores and skin creping, as a result of we all know that the majority pores and skin thinning occurs attributable to solar harm — not the ageing of your pores and skin.

fix crepey skin

Use UPF 50 clothes or an invisible and non-greasy mineral sunscreen every single day resembling my Sheer Energy Pure Bodily Liquid SPF 50. Put on it 12 months a yr on uncovered physique pores and skin to battle collagen loss that results in crepey pores and skin! 

The underside line for crepey pores and skin on the arms, legs and physique:

There’s hope and a robust glycolic acid physique lotion is the simplest product to repair crepey pores and skin. It might sound just like the routine I simply described is rather a lot but it surely turns into simple as you develop a routine. That is patient-proven, dermatologist-approved skincare to repair crepey pores and skin on the arms, legs and physique. 

best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs with this

Click on right here to see my physique skincare routine to battle crepey pores and skin.

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