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As warnings of water shortages filter down into the general public area, we take a deep dive into the advantages of waterless magnificence. Spoiler alert: there are some huge wins on your pores and skin and for the atmosphere, too. Comfortable World Water Day!

Ah, water. The elixir of life. Even the phrase leaves us feeling refreshed. The miraculous nature of water is an age-old acknowledgement, however someplace between facilitating all life on earth, making up 70 per cent of stated earth’s floor, and being solely vital for the survival of your entire human race, water began evading our grip. Abuse of freshwater reserves has left us trying to find a extra sustainable answer. If waterless magnificence is a straightforward swap for a extra aware routine, then we wish to be driving the wave.

After intensive analysis, our Founder and CEO, Susie Ma, noticed that many mild cleansers and face washes include 96 per cent water, which she thought was a monumental waste of product and packaging:

“We’ve all the time tried to pay attention our merchandise as a lot as potential, typically utilizing plant juices in our formulations as a substitute of water. Just a few favourites of those are aloe vera, coconut juice and cucumber juice. This time, nonetheless, we needed to go one step additional.”  

Susie was eager to make a splash within the skincare and sweetness business with some waterless magnificence merchandise. Enter: Clear Skies and Clear Slate cleaning powders. These are dry merchandise, with no water inside, and no water used of their manufacturing course of. They’re fully refillable with 100 per cent plastic-free pouches and completely exceptional within the low ranges of their water wastage.  

To activate the sweetness advantages, simply sprinkle some powder within the palm of your hand, add a couple of droplets of water and blend right into a creamy emulsion – minimising water-waste and holding your pores and skin cloud-soft and blemish-free!

Why goes water free good for me? 

Clear Skies has been clinically examined and proven to cut back extra sebum by 81 per cent in seven days! That is one highly effective powder.  

Splendid for shiny or blemish-prone pores and skin, the encapsulated plant enzymes in Clear Skies do the soiled work by emptying out and shrinking pores, whereas blue spirulina prompts cell turnover and restores vitality. 

The Clear Slate cleanse runs somewhat deeper – with volcanic ash and bamboo charcoal going the additional mile for very oily, troublesome pores and skin. Well-liked with males with bigger pores, the anti-bacterial eucalyptus and peppermint important oils are so invigorating, you’ll really feel like your face has been dunked in glacial waters (with out losing a valuable drop of H2O!) 

An oasis of moisture  

Tropic’s powder cleansers are proof that magnificence manufacturers can step as much as the problem of low water wastage with out compromising on the standard of outcomes from their merchandise. 

We imagine that waterless magnificence is a good way for us to adapt to the planet’s impending water shortage, however we’ve additionally seen how water-free merchandise can sort out the drought and dehydration that happens on the floor of our pores and skin. 

Opposite to what could seem apparent, extra water might be very drying for our complexions. The proof is within the percentages: Clear Slate has been clinically examined and proven to extend pores and skin moisture by a mean of 35 per cent in simply seven days.  

Overly watery options and formulations may end in decrease efficacy charges, as energetic substances and botanicals turn out to be extra diluted by water, which reduces their efficiency. Water may result in the expansion of micro organism when added to skincare merchandise, necessitating excessive ranges of preservatives which may generally trigger delicate pores and skin. 

Huge and mighty, however treading calmly 

Clear Skies is each mild and mighty, maximising clear, brilliant pores and skin with out stripping or inflicting sensitivity. It even made it onto the Night Normal’s ‘Greatest waterless magnificence merchandise for an eco-friendly routine!

Even when it’s utilized in formulations responsibly, we are able to all the time try to lower our water footprint. Though it’s not advisable to remove water out of your life solely – your internal organs can have one thing to say about that – being much less H2O-happy along with your beauty and skincare routines could depart your pores and skin and its environment with a bit extra spring of their step. 

Able to take a deep dive? Which cleanser will you strive first?  

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