Glow Academy is again with one other demystifying jargon-buster. This time, we’re clarifying the distinction between nourishing and hydrating. Able to dive proper in?


Even the phrase ‘hydration’ conjures up photographs of a refreshing, ice-cold glass of water. And that’s precisely what it’s! Hydration is the method by which your pores and skin drinks in water, absorbing the H2O molecules it must quench thirsty pores and skin cells and make pores and skin plump and bouncy.

It’s a easy equation actually. Excessive water content material in your pores and skin cells creates glowy, dewy pores and skin. Low water content material in your pores and skin cells results in boring, dehydrated pores and skin.

All cells want water. So, even you probably have oily pores and skin, don’t skip the hydration station in your routine! In addition to utilizing hydrating serums and toners, bear in mind to drink loads of water (round six to eight glasses a day) and eat plenty of juicy vegetables and fruit. Hydration is an ‘inside-out’ mission.

Our hydration hero is Rainforest Dew. Like a refreshing waterfall, this serum showers your pores and skin with hydrating botanical extracts and reparative plant peptides from the world’s tropical rainforests. Plus, it accommodates a world-famous hydrator: hyaluronic acid. This little ingredient is a humectant, drawing moisture into the pores and skin like a magnet and holding as much as 1,000 occasions its weight in water – leaving cushiony, plump pores and skin cells.


Sadly, it’s not fairly so simple as drenching your face in Rainforest Dew and calling it a day. With out following up with a nourishing oil or moisturiser, your hydrating merchandise might evaporate by the point you permit the lavatory!

Fortunately, nourishing merchandise (like Pores and skin Feast Nourishing Focus) are designed to lock within the hydrating advantages of your serum and forestall trans-epidermal water loss.

A wholesome pores and skin barrier is the key to sealing in water – retaining in the good things and combating off the dangerous. To remain robust and supple, the protecting layer should be nourished with omega fatty acids. That’s why our favorite nourishing formulation comprise pure oils and butters like avocado oil, murumuru butter or jojoba oil. These are full of wholesome fat in addition to important nutritional vitamins – so you possibly can relaxation assured your pores and skin is nourished with a well-balanced weight loss program to maintain it on its water-retaining, dehydration-defending A-game.

Do I must hydrate and nourish if I’ve oily pores and skin?

Completely! All pores and skin varieties must be hydrated and nourished. Oily pores and skin varieties will love light-weight moisturisers, whereas flaky, dry pores and skin varieties can bask in richer oils. There’s only one piece of knowledge that everybody can share: hydrate first, nourish second!

Wish to discover completely balanced merchandise to your pores and skin kind? Head to our Skincare Routine Finder – we’ll do all of the be just right for you!

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